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Tower Defense Games

The rules of tower defense games are simple, and the gameplay is easy to learn. Mastering the game, however, will require patience, determination, and plenty of skill. Novices and seasoned players alike may follow a few simple tips to take their game to the next level:

Plan Ahead – This is the most critical tip for any strategy game. It may take a few plays to get a feel for each individual game. Run through a few practice rounds to make sure you understand the layout, the enemies and what the various weapons and towers can do. Once you are familiar with all aspects of the gameplay, you can start to plan the best way to maximize your resources.

Save Up – It may be tempting to spend your earnings after each round, especially if you find yourself challenged by subsequent levels. However, give yourself a chance to test and build your skills without relying on upgrades and new towers. It will make you a better player, and you can save up your currency to buy even more powerful weapons later in the game.

Sacrifice – Though not a tactic you want to utilize often, sometimes it may be worthwhile to sacrifice one tower in order to save others. Don’t waste all your resources defending a single tower.

Upgrade – Most tower defense games include both new towers you can build and upgrades to existing towers. Usually the upgrades are cheaper than building new towers. If you have a solid tower layout and simply need more firepower, consider upgrading the existing towers before you start building new ones.

Build a Maze – The maze is a critical part of tower defense strategy. Organize your towers in such a way that the enemies are forced to follow a particular path. Creating a zig-zag maze configuration will slow down the enemies and give you more time to fight back. Place short-range towers near the turns of the maze and keep your long-range towers near the center of the maze. This will give you the most efficient and effective coverage for blasting away your enemies.