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Risk Board Game

Don’t Spread out too thin

If you take over too much land before you have the strength to hold it, it will eventually backfire on you. Remember if you own a lot of land, but are spread out too thin all it does is make you a bigger target. Try to balance growth in land with growth in your army.

Australia is a good stronghold

Australia is the easiest continent to take over and the easiest to keep, because it can only be attacked from the outside from 1 place. Also Australia will give you 2 extra armies every turn.

Don’t conquer a continent unless you can hold it

If you conquer a continent it will make everyone else want to attack you, after all no one wants someone else to control a continent. So if you can’t hold it long enough for you to benefit it can actually backfire as people start to team up against you.

Attack with Large Armies

If you attack with large armies it is more likely that you will be successful taking over your opponent’s territory. You will also be able to fend off attacks from other players much more easily if you have a few armies protecting each territory.