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Mental Game Tricks

For many of us duffers the mental game is the most challenging aspect of our golf game. Too often we get in own way. We over think, under think and forget to think. We remember what we shouldn’t and forget what we should.

We’re thinking about swing mechanics, course strategy and the putt on the last hole. We have expectations of ourselves and the play of the others in our group all on our mind.

Playing for a little coin? Are you thinking of how much you might win or lose? Are you playing partners reminding you that this putt is for a skin? Now they have you thinking about skins instead of the putt?

Our minds are filled with all sorts of thoughts most of which do more harm than good to our golf game.

It is helpful therefore to discuss some tips on how to deal with the mental side of golf. We suggest you use this two step thought process below while addressing the ball.

·         Think only about what you want to have happen.

o       Use a pre-shot routine to make all your decisions.
o       Think about how you envisioned the shot during the pre-shot routine.
o       Don’t allow yourself to think about what might go wrong. That is for your pre-shot routine.
o       Commit to your shot selection.

·         Focus on how to execute the shot before you.

o       Focus on the only thing you have control over: how you execute the chosen shot.
o       Ignore everything and everyone around you during the shot.
o       Execute the appropriate golf swing

A better golf game can be had if you will just focus on the task before you and eliminate all other thoughts. Execute bad swing thoughts by focusing on executing the shot you are about to make.