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About Short Game

The part that putting is really going to help with, is your chipping. You want your chip to be just as smooth as your putting stroke. Most of the problems we have with chipping is that we use to lofted of a club. So we have to take such a big swing, then we de-accelerate and the ball just goes all over the place.

What I want you to do, is to pretty much take the wedges out of your chip shots, not pitch shots, chip shots. Unless its like a 1 yard chip and your in the rough. Use only pitching wedge and lower lofted clubs. For the next three rounds do this, or practice on the practice green.

Now you will struggle with this at first, but that is because the putting stroke might not be as good as you need to be.

To get a good putting stroke you need your putter and an extra club.

Put the extra club under your arms and keep it pressed against your body while you stroke the ball. This will ensure that you use your arms and chest instead of arms and wrists. This is the best stroke you can get that will improve your putting and chip shots.