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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Tactics to Master DOTA

Start by finding what type of hero you have: Strength, Intelligence, or Agility. Buy items that will boost these skills. A useful first item is Boots of Speed, which will give increased speed to attack or withdraw. Rings of regeneration, sapphire waters, ironwood branches and circlets of nobility are also useful. Some items combine to form recipes, and may not cost gold to obtain.

Getting the best from your hero means understanding their attributes and limitations. As you progress, you will need to increase your knowledge of the characters and their attributes to maintain your mastery of the game. Aim to maximize damage, employ optimum survival tactics, seek to avoid unnecessary deaths and limit damage as much as possible. All these small incidents add up, and reduce your health and gold little by little.

Buy health potions to save returns to base. Make enemy heroes return to base to heal, it wastes time. Various sites and forums will show you ways to increase gold and acquire abilities; do not overlook damage limitation!

At first you will be killed in relatively few hits, so will need the aid of your creeps. As you improve, you will develop your abilities and be able to destroy a tower alone without much harm to yourself. Eventually you will find yourself destroying towers with ease.

Rules of the Wholesale Game

Customer Analysis: The importance of the word “research” cannot be overemphasized in the context of wholesaling. Wholesaling is characterized by rock bottom margins, but they have sky-high volumes to compensate for the same. This makes it a very dangerous ground to play. If you order the wrong stock, it is almost certain that you will have to sell it for a loss. Yet, if you order the right stock, it will be flying out of your warehouse in no time. The key is to recognize the demand patters of customers and predict them successfully. Although this is easier said than done, “a good forecast” can turn a reseller’s fortune upside-down.┬áMonitoring goes a long way. This has its roots in the logic that demand patterns are not stochastic. They repeat themselves in circles and patterns. So if one can record the data and use it for statistical analysis, which help in uncovering such patterns, the guesses can be more accurate and can create the most correct demand forecast, which is the basis for a competitive advantage in the wholesale game.

Monitoring: The tool required to come up with a brilliant forecast is monitoring. There is no way that one can guess exactly, how many customers are going to come over tomorrow and demand what goods. But you don’t have to be exact; you only have to be good enough to beat your competitors.

Build Information System: Out of all the elements of a business, information is unique and very important to understand. Information can make you win or lose corporate battles. Successful wholesale organizations have one thing in common. They have state-of-the-art information systems. They understand that once the initial investment has been made, the incremental price of getting the additional piece of information is almost zero.

However the value that can be generated using information is much greater. For instance if your information tells you exactly how many goods you have at a given point of time, you do not have to store unnecessary goods and increase your costs. It is inevitable for every successful corporation to have robust information systems in the wholesale business simply because the margin for error is so small and only information allows you to prevent errors.

Demigod Computer Game

There are 8 different demigods to choose from. Rook, Unclean Beast, Torchbearer, Vampire Lord, Regulus, Sedna, Oak, Queen of Thorns. They each have their own and individual power and strategies. The best thing to do would be to play with all of them at first then choose one and stick with it. This game gets very competitive and if you have to learn every single one you will fall behind.

Another interesting factor of the game is the teams that must be built. See if every player plays with the same character then they are sure to help. There are loads of strategies to combine the different demigods to use their power together to cause maximum damage.

The last factor is gold. Each unit must buy items to improve him and to overpower the other demigods as well as keep upgrading the main citadel to create stronger minions and lots of other upgrades that can benefit your team and buildings.

Online Internet Games

Violent Games

One of the most contested factors regarding online internet games is the level of violence that they incorporate in the gameplay. One cannot deny that most of them have themes of fantasy wars, modern warfare, and action adventures. In addition, each of these themes involve in a way or another, battle encounters and death. Therefore, when can one say that the game is too violent to play?

Most online gaming involve violence in one way or another. Shooting type action games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, CounterStrike and Borderlands involve shooting and killing other characters in the game, in order to win. Popular fantasy themed internet games like World of Warcraft and Warcraft defense of the Ancients (DOTA) involve using magic and sword fights to “kill” monsters and other players.

The factor that determines the game’s level of “violence” is the way or process that they execute or portray the battles. Popular online internet games mentioned earlier are less gory, or bloody. Once a player shoots and “kills” his opponent, the death animation is very quick and less detailed. In this way, players focus on their strategy rather than notice the game’s violence.

The fact is that some online internet gaming is too violent. Instead of giving emphasis on the strategic gameplay as developed in other popular games, it gives detailed animation on how a player dies and the process involved in it. Samples of violent scenes not suitable for all ages are death animation with detailed blood and gore. Decapitation and dismemberment animations are some of these violent animations.


Violent action games are easy to control when the players are teenagers, young adults, and adults. Because of their mature psychological state, when they play them, they can stop playing when they feel offended. The real problem is when children under 16 years old are playing these violent online internet games.

In order to avoid exposing children to such violent and inappropriate games, parents should accompany their children when buying their games. Store bought games that can be played on the internet have their ESRB rating on their label for detailed information on how violent the game is and the recommended age for playing the game. Parents should be responsible enough to screen the games that their child plays and to remain vigilant.