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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Tower Defense Games

The rules of tower defense games are simple, and the gameplay is easy to learn. Mastering the game, however, will require patience, determination, and plenty of skill. Novices and seasoned players alike may follow a few simple tips to take their game to the next level:

Plan Ahead – This is the most critical tip for any strategy game. It may take a few plays to get a feel for each individual game. Run through a few practice rounds to make sure you understand the layout, the enemies and what the various weapons and towers can do. Once you are familiar with all aspects of the gameplay, you can start to plan the best way to maximize your resources.

Save Up – It may be tempting to spend your earnings after each round, especially if you find yourself challenged by subsequent levels. However, give yourself a chance to test and build your skills without relying on upgrades and new towers. It will make you a better player, and you can save up your currency to buy even more powerful weapons later in the game.

Sacrifice – Though not a tactic you want to utilize often, sometimes it may be worthwhile to sacrifice one tower in order to save others. Don’t waste all your resources defending a single tower.

Upgrade – Most tower defense games include both new towers you can build and upgrades to existing towers. Usually the upgrades are cheaper than building new towers. If you have a solid tower layout and simply need more firepower, consider upgrading the existing towers before you start building new ones.

Build a Maze – The maze is a critical part of tower defense strategy. Organize your towers in such a way that the enemies are forced to follow a particular path. Creating a zig-zag maze configuration will slow down the enemies and give you more time to fight back. Place short-range towers near the turns of the maze and keep your long-range towers near the center of the maze. This will give you the most efficient and effective coverage for blasting away your enemies.

Make Online Gaming More Fun

– Understand the game. Of course, it is common sense to understand any game before you even try to play it, but don’t look at the mechanics only. Learn and understand the details so that you will also know how to make a strategy in playing the game. Of course, knowing the details will let you know how to play the game in a manner that will make you move to levels fast and use strategies as well.

– Make sure you have the right equipment to enjoy your online multiplayer games. Of course, it is important that you also have the required internet speed as well as the right computer for you to enjoy the game. Of course, you don’t want to be bugged by constant lagging while enjoying your game.

– Learn some tips and strategies on how to level up fast in your game. There are leveling guides available online or find help from friends so that you can learn how to overcome the most difficult levels of our favorite game. For sure, you don’t want to get stuck in one level and play the game all over again from the start. Aside from a number of leveling guides that you can find online, you can also research for some online gaming tips that will allow you to face the challenges of the game without being spoon-fed by some guides.

– Interact and make friends. One of the benefits of online games especially with multiplayer ones is that you can interact with your opponents and of course, you can also build friendships as well. Interaction in online and multiplayer games can also make the game more fun and exciting.

Nerubian Assassin

Despite being an “agility” hero, this hero does not have great attack speed or fast movement or high armor. His natural stat gain for each level is decent as well. However, in order to compensate its weakness, it comes with 4 powerful abilities. He can stun multiple enemies with his impale, burn his opponent’s mana point away, silence his opponent, and finally, he can backstab his prey with a huge chuck of damage.

Since each of his abilities require a lot of mana point to execute, this is why its rely heavily on intelligence items instead of agility items. His main role is to gank and support the team. His solely goal is to kill or delay his opponent teammate as much as he can. The most popular item build for this hero is bottle and dagon. With the helps of the bottle, this hero can roam all over the map and capture the rune with ease. Dagon improves nerubian assassin strength as ganker by 40%. Just in case that the game is not ended after you got the dagon, you can either goes for ethereal blade or diffusal blade. Both of these items improve your chance by margin to kills.

The common skills build is for this hero is; impale, manaburn, impale, urna swarm, impale, vendetta, mana burn, mana burn, mana burn, urna swarm/stat point, vendetta, urna swarm/stat point, urna swarm/stat point, stat point, vendetta and the rest into stat point.

Nerubian Assassin can be a fun hero to play if you know what you are doing. It is never get old to see this hero to dishes 800+ damage and kill the opponent within 2 seconds. It is not advisable for you to play nerubian assassin as an attacker or tanker. While you can do that if you are good, but in the end, a battle nerubian assassin is just pale in comparison to other heroes who are natural attacker and tanker.

All about Online Flight Simulator Games

The application in the simulation category has a variety of flight experiences. You will even be able to have the experience of flying into space; imagine that flying a space craft. These experiences are certain to be thrilling as you will be able to feel how it is when an airplane banks, pitches, rolls even zigzags. All these feelings might be scary at first but you love it by the time you are more advanced.

For everything that you want or desire from online flight simulator games, you have to know which one will give you such an experience. There is a list of features below that you should expect in a flight simulator game.

One of the first features that you should look out for is the number of different aircraft that are available; the more, the better. There are many models of planes ever since they were invented, hence the list should be long. If you prefer the earlier models of planes from the 1920s then you should look out for a program that has this.

You should also get a true simulation experience that incorporates the feelings of being in an actual plane. This might be a little scary at first, especially when it comes to the crashes. Some of the major aspects of the game that make the experience seem so realistic are the weather changes and effects, the flying and the various scenery changes. If you go through different time zones or hemispheres those changes will be reflected; from day to night and from sunlight to moonlight.